Hello! I'm Sheryl.

I never grew up thinking that I would be a photographer but art was and is a huge part of my life. At an early age I was always drawing or painting people, art was a way for me to escape from the everyday. Expressions and stories are what drove who I drew and what I painted.

Growing up, I didn’t have very many photos of myself but my grandmother has a hutch in her living room with a frame and photo of each of our family members. School pictures, wedding photos, military portraits, snapshots of everyday, each photo loved and told a story of each one of us. Through seeing those photos of my grandmothers I found the importance of having physical pictures to pass down to the next generation and to hold ourselves.

I married a handsome young Airman and we were soon stationed in Japan. Living in Japan I experienced its culture, beautiful landscape and people, this helped shape my photographer’s vision. As I had my own family I quickly realized how important it was document all our family events. I picked up my first camera when my son was about one and I haven’t stopped since.

As a photographer, I use my attention to expression and emotion in getting to know each client, and in capturing their personality. I strive to mix the beauty of the environments around us with my subjects and create art while also capturing that authentic moment that showcases each client’s personality through my photography.