April 5, 2017
Engagement Photography Portraits

Marie & Rickey’s Shreveport Engagement | Louisiana Wedding & Family Photographer Sheryl Finney

Marie and Rickey had a beautiful engagement in downtown Shreveport. One of the things I love to do with my couples is explore and really just get to know them a little more. I try and make our sessions light hearted and focus on my couples interacting with each other, rather than having specific poses or expectations. That is when I can really find the connection and love between my couples and hopefully make them a little bit more comfortable with me on their wedding day.  Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session!


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Sheryl Finney Photography, Wedding, Family & Portraits
Sheryl Finney Photography, Wedding, Family & Portraits

Shreveport Engagement Shreveport Engagement Shreveport Engagement

Shreveport Engagement Shreveport Engagement

March 24, 2017

Hannah & Chris – Moody, Louisiana College Wedding

Hannah and Christ had the most beautiful, moody wedding in December, at Louisiana College. Hannah is also photographer and I had the chance to meet her for the first time doing a personal shoot. We just experimented a bit and talked photography, little did I know that she would call me a few months afterwards to hire me to photograph her wedding. It’s always an honor to be apart of someones special day. It’s a huge honor to be asked to shoot another photographers wedding.

Hannah and Chris had a gorgeous DYI wedding, it included the most beautiful palette of various colors and lots of natural elements in the wedding decor. One of my favorite details was the cappuccino grooms cake. Chris is the owner of Hidden Grounds in Pineville and they even had a coffee bar.  I just adored the understated and natural crowns and bouquets and Hannah’s lovely long sleeve, lace wedding dress. Here is the highlights of their best day ever!

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March 7, 2017

Garrison Gardens – Tromberg Wedding | Louisiana Wedding Photographer

Katherine and Jordan had a gorgeous wedding in Texarkana at Garrison Gardens. This beautiful fall wedding had splashes of red and grey blues. I just loved the delicate details of Katherine’s dress. She found this stunning wedding dress at Azarues and her bridesmaid dresses at Bella Bridesmaids. The classic hair and make up was done by Couture Cosmetics.

Their reception was full of dancing and a very insightful shoe game. Never heard of it? Here’s how it works: place two chairs back-to-back on the dance floor for the bride and groom. Remove both of your shoes, then trade a shoe with your new spouse so that you’re holding one of each. Then, have a designated person ask a series of questions about the two of you and your relationship (i.e.. “Who will be doing most of the cooking?” “Who said ‘I love you’ first?”). After each question, hold up the shoe of the person you think is the best answer to the question.

Besides the shoe game they had a wonderful anniversary dance with some sage advice from the oldest couple in the room, along with a very tasty smores bar and some fun shots for the football loving groom and groomsmen. Here are a few from their very special day.  I wish them many many happy and healthy years together!


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February 7, 2017

Scarlett & Matthew-Aubrey Hall, Monroe | Louisiana Wedding Photographer

Scarlett and Matthew had the most beautiful wedding at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church in Monroe, followed by a fun celebration of their love at Aubrey Hall down the street.  I’ve had such a great time getting to know this couple, Scarlett is an amazingly talented up and coming wedding photographer. It was such an honor that she choose me to capture the moments of one of the most important days of her life. Couldn’t ask for a more relaxed but loving couple.

Their wedding was full of beautiful colorful details, gorgeous flowers made by the kick ass crew at Fine Folks and the corvette was just so fun to take pictures of.  Still can’t get over their unique cake topper of a unicorn and pegasuses and they had delicious food provided by Wayne VS the Winnebago.  They had a wonderful day surrounded by their family and friends. Here are some of my favorites from their wedding day.


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Wedding Ceremony: St. Matthew Catholic Church

Venue: Aubrey Hall

Dress: Happily Ever After Bridal Boutique

Makeup: Victoria Alexander

Hair: Polly’s Place Hair Salon

Flowers: Fine Folks Florist

Catering: Wayne VS the Winnebago

Cakes: Jeannette Sillett

Grooms Cake: Tummy Yummy Creations

Photobooth: Smile More Photo Booth

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January 11, 2017

Scarlet & Josh-Country Engagement | Shreveport, Louisiana Wedding Photographer

So happy to share one of my favorite sunny, country engagement sessions ever. Scarlet is the owner of a local petting zoo, The Party Farm based in Shreveport, Louisiana. You can hire her and her beautiful animals for a fun alternative for birthday parties or school functions!

She wanted to add not only the love of her life in her engagement photos but the animals she loves! I love it when my couples incorporate a little bit of their story into their session. This session was full of tender moments and lots of laughs, and can we talk about that sunset for a moment? Perfect light. It was so wonderful capturing them along with their animals roaming around their property in Shreveport.

Some of my tips for my couples on your engagement session to make them unique and fun:

Think of ways to personalize your session, think of places that you both love to go to, maybe somewhere you met or had a first. Think of activities you both love to do together and how you can incorporate that in your session. Remember this is the story of your love, don’t be afraid to be different or being yourselves. I want to be able to make beautiful images with you and about you.

So here are a few of my favorite moments from our time together.


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shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0363 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0364 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0365 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0366 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0367 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0368 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0369 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0370 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0371 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0372 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0373 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0374 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0375 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0377 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0378 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0379 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0380 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0381 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0382 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0383 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0385shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0384
shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0386 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0387 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0388 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-engagment_0389

January 5, 2017

Erica-Sue & Elijah Cedar Tree Events | Louisiana Wedding Photographer

Erica-Sue and Elijah had the most beautiful, loving ceremony at Cedar Tree Events in Mansfield, Louisiana. I am so happy to have gotten to know such wonderful people, they were so amazing during their very cold engagment session eariler in 2016. Thier wedding was relaxed with a country flair, full of sunflowers and lovely details. I just loved all the handmade signs their favorite bible verses and the wonderful doorway to their ceremony space. Her stunning dress, which we took some beautiful bridal photos of is from Happily Ever After based in Shreveport. Here are some of my favorites from their wedding day.

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shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0297 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0300shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0298 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0299
shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0304 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0305 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0306 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0307 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0309 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0310 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0311 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0312 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0313 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0316

shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0317 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0323shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0318


shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0325shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0321 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0326 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0327 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0328shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0320 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0329 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0330 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0331
shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0334 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0338shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0335shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0333shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0336
shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0339 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0340 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0341 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0342shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0351 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0343 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0344
shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0346 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0347 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0348 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0349shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0345 shreveport-louisiana-wedding-photographer-sheryl-finney-cedar-tree-events_0350